Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Start digging your trench

When I started to write this blog about a year ago comparisons of the current situation with the 1920s and 30s were all the rage. Brüning seemed to be everywhere.

But that is so 2013. Now it looks like it's 1914 all over again. Chris Clark wrote about the parallels between Euro crisis and outbreak of WWI a while ago in his book 'The sleepwalkers'. Now Angela Merkel apparently read the book and slammed it--figuratively--on the table of the last European summit. Wolfgang Münchau agrees with her at least partly. Only Timothy Garton Ash does not quite buy the comparison. (Of course Gideon Rachman beat everyone to the 1914 comparison by using it already early last year in an article about the tensions between China and its neighbours.)

This is fertile ground for this blog and there will be much to say about 1914-2014 comparisons in the coming weeks. While I am organising my thoughts get in the mood by watching this.

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