Monday, 22 December 2014

Nordwest radio

On Friday morning I did a short interview about the EU's new investment program on Nordwest Radio. Sadly no recording available.  The points that I tried to make were (1) 'too little, too late' and (2) what is needed is a big stimulus program in Germany. That would get the European economy going and by pushing up wages in Germany would help to close the gap in competitiveness between European economies.

Joint review

of the German editions of Mark Blyth's excellent austerity book of my own 'Austerität. Die Politik der Sparsamkeit: Die kurze Geschichte eines großen Fehlers'. There are also some snippets of an interview that we did at the Frankfurt book fair. Transcript and audio here.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Two types of German economists

Recently Wolfgang Münchau wrote in the FT that there are two types of German economists: 'those that have not read Keynes and those that have not understood Keynes.'  True as this may be there clearly is increasing interest in the German public to hear criticism of austerity. Here is me talking about 'what's wrong with saving' on German radio station Deutschlandfunk.